Head Band Lights

Headlamps are a great tool to use to see in dark places. You can use your headlamp around your house, work on your car, at the parks, and camping. Headlamps are the most underrated equipment to protect your eyes from the sun. They can be used to illuminate even the darkest tunnels.

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The Best Headlamp so far

Hurkins Orbit 180 Wide HeadLamp image 2
Hurkins Orbit 180 Wide HeadLamp

Hurkins Orbit

Hurkins Orbit 180 - WORLD BEST QUALITY COMPONENTS. Orbit headlamp uses 14 the highest quality Samsung S6 grade LED, World's best LG Chemical Battery. Makes light last and last, BUILT-IN BATTERY. Charge fully from the USB port in 3 hours and provide up to 100 Hours of Light. Brightness up to 1000 lumens.

LightBar Pro HeadLamp

LightBar Pro

LightBar Pro – This POWERFUL tool ranges 210°: an array of SMD 2835 LED lights are brighter than traditional headlamps. Featuring 20 SMD 2835 LEDs (300 lumens), over 200 degrees or range, and 4 brightness levels, you’ll have a powerful but not blinding tool for any job.

LiteBand Activ 520L

LiteBand 520 - FULL AREA ILLUMINATION: The Liteband ACTIV 520 is the only 210° Wide Angle LED headlamp on the market; The wide-area illumination eliminates the need to move your head to illuminate the desired area

LiteBand 520